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WebRTC screensharing.



WebRTC screensharing Electron app for all desktop platforms

Table of contents

General info

VUPC is an open source screen sharing + remote collaboration application for Mac OS, Linux, Windows. You can share your desktop with someone else while letting them share your mouse and keyboard remotely. Right now it is not as good as commercial alternatives, mostly because this initial prototype was written in 3 days. The big difference is that you can send PRs to make VUPC better


Example screenshot


You can download the demo application which may not be up to date with the latest changes in master. This application uses our server for signaling.


  • Electron - version 9.0
  • VueJS - version 2.6
  • NodeJS - version 13.9


You can download the binaries already compiled, or you can compile a local version yourself.

Building the app


Clone repository : git clone

Install server dependencies :

cd server && yarn

Install app dependencies :

cd app && yarn

run server :

cd server && yarn run start:debug

run app :

cd app && yarn run electron:serve


List of features ready and TODOs for future development

  • Share screen
  • Mouse click event in host

    To-do list:

  • Keyboard events in host
  • Your ideas :)


VUPC is currently ALPHA STATUS and is intended for developers/early adopters. Check out the Issues to get involved. VUPC is a volunteer run project, your contributions and improvements are welcome!


This project is inspired by ScreenCat which was discontinued a long time ago.


Created by @machester4 (Michael Pintos) - feel free to contact me!

MIT License


Something missing? Edit this app.

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