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Tutti Quanti Shelf

Collection of miscellaneous developer-oriented utilities wrapped into one single app.

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Tutti Quanti Shelf is a collection of miscellaneous developer-oriented utilities wrapped into one single app, built with Electron.

This desktop application works on macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.


The following utilities are currently available:

  • CIDR Calculator
  • CSS Cursors Demo
  • Digital Clock
  • Graph Visualizer
  • IETF Language Tags
  • JavaScript Parser
  • JavaScript Runner
  • JSON Formatter
  • LaTeX Math Renderer
  • Romaji-Kana
  • Roman Numerals
  • System Information
  • Text Converter
  • XML Converter

CIDR Calculator

Simple CIDR calculators:

  • CIDR to IP Range
  • IP Range to CIDR List

CIDR Calculator screenshot

CSS Cursors Demo

Display CSS cursors by category:

CSS Cursors Demo screenshot

Digital Clock

Customizable clock, using language-sensitive text formatting for date and time:

Digital Clock screenshot

Graph Visualizer

Graph visualizer, using the Graphviz visualization software:

Graph Visualizer screenshot

IETF Language Tags

References for IETF BCP 47 language tags and subtags:

IETF Language Tags screenshot

JavaScript Parser

JavaScript code parser and tokenizer, based on Esprima:

JavaScript Parser screenshot

JavaScript Runner

JavaScript code runner, useful for quick testing/prototyping or data processing:

JavaScript Runner screenshot

JSON Formatter

JSON data formatter and validator:

JSON Formatter screenshot

LaTeX Math Renderer

LaTeX math expression renderer, using the KaTeX JavaScript library:

LaTeX Math Renderer screenshot


Simple converters between rōmaji and kana:

  • Rōmaji to Kana
  • Kana to Rōmaji

Romaji-Kana screenshot

Roman Numerals

Converters between roman and arabic numerals:

  • Roman to Arabic Numeral
  • Arabic to Roman Numeral

Roman Numerals screenshot

System Information

Detailed list of system information, by category:

  • Framework
  • Main Process
  • Renderer Process
  • Application
  • Navigator
  • Operating System
  • OS User Info
  • Screen
  • Window
  • Environment

System Information screenshot

Text Converter

Encode and decode text according to several string formats:

  • JSON String
  • Hex String
  • Base64 String

Text Converter - Text Encoder screenshot

Text Converter - Text Decoder screenshot

XML Converter

Convert XML to JSON:

XML Converter screenshot


You'll need Node.js installed on your computer in order to build this application.

git clone https://github.com/tonton-pixel/tutti-quanti-shelf
cd tutti-quanti-shelf
npm install
npm start

If you don't wish to clone, you can download the source code.

Several scripts are also defined in the package.json file to build OS-specific bundles of the application, using the simple yet powerful Electron Packager Node module.
For instance, running the following command will create a Tutti Quanti Shelf.app version for macOS:

npm run build-darwin


You can download the latest release for macOS.


The MIT License (MIT).

Copyright © 2019-2020 Michel MARIANI.


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