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Free and Open Source desktop app for online services like WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram, Twitter, Google and several others.


available for:

linux apple windows

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ttth (talk to the hand) is an electron based desktop app for online services like WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram, Google and several others.

It is:

  • available for freebsd, linux, macOS and windows.
  • inspired by apps like Franz and Rambox. Need to feature Hamsket here as good looking Rambox fork and Ferdi as Franz fork.
  • free and open source



Download the latest release from here.


Please see the installation instructions for more details.


While ttth supports a growing list of pre-configured services, you can as well add custom urls yourself (using the CUSTOM URL type). Please see the supported services for more details.


ttth comes with several themes. This readme is only featuring the default theme.


Default theme

Please see the themes list for more details.


Please see the changlog for more details.


Function Linux macOS Windows
Homepage F1 F1 F1
Report issue F2 F2 F2
Changelog F3 F3 F3
FAQ F4 F4 F4
Releases F5 F5 F5
Search updates F9 F9 F9
Open developer console for current service F10 F10 F10
Toggle Fullscreen mode F11 F11 F11
Toggle developer console F12 F12 F12
Show Settings CTRL + , CMD + , CTRL + ,
Jump to next service CTRL + 🡆 CMD + 🡆 CTRL + 🡆
Jump to previous service CTRL + 🡄 CMD + 🡄 CTRL + 🡄
Jump to service tab 1 CTRL + 1 CMD + 1 CTRL + 1
Jump to service tab 2 CTRL + 2 CMD + 2 CTRL + 2
Jump to service tab 3 CTRL + 3 CMD + 3 CTRL + 3
Jump to service tab ... CTRL + ... CMD + ... CTRL + ...
Jump to service tab 9 CTRL + 9 CMD + 9 CTRL + 9
Reload current service CTRL + S CMD + S CTRL + S
Quit/exit the application CTRL + Q CMD + Q CTRL + Q
Reload the application CTRL + R CMD + R CTRL + R
Minimize window CTRL + M CMD + M CTRL + M
Maximize window CTRL + K CMD + K CTRL + K
Hide window CTRL + H CMD + H CTRL + H


  • ttth is using sentry to collect error reports. This helps heavily finding bugs which might occur only in some specific use-cases. Please see the sentry privacy policy for more details.
  • ttth is not tracking it's users (i.e. using Google Analytics or similar)
  • All data is stored locally only.
  • Sessions will persist using the partition:persist attribute for electrons webview.

You are always welcome to check and even improve the code.


Please see the FAQ for more details.


Please see the known issues for more details.


  • Github: click here to create an issue


Please see the LICENSE for more details.


ttth is not affiliated with any of the supported apps/services.

support / fund

If you want to support the development of ttth you can fund me on:



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Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab