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This app converts an excel spreadsheet (xls/xlsx/csv) to a table/collection in mysql/mongodb.


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This App Converts your correctly formatted Excel Spreadsheet to a specified table/collection in specified Database in MYSQL/MongoDB.

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Excel Formats Supported

Supported Excel formats are XLS/XLSX/CSV


The Database must already be there. A table name should be provided.

Spreadsheet Format

Please have a look at the sample Excel sheets provided to have a clear view of the File. Microsoft Sample Sheet

Starting The App

sudo npm install -g electron
git clone
cd TriCo-electron-app
npm install
npm start

Installing The App

Setup.exe => Full Windows install
Portable.exe => Unzip and run the exe.
Setup.deb => Installable on Debian distributions (Ubuntu, Kali, etc.)
Setup.rpm => Installable on Red Hat distributions (Fedora, etc.) 

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P.S. This app saves the previosuly entered information in the systems %APPDATA% directory so that the whole information is not typed again. NOTHING is collected by me. Also, this app establishes connection to the internet to check for the updates.

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