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Trackabi Time Tracker

Trackabi Time Tracker

Trackabi desktop timer for Windows, Linux, & macOS can automatically log time worked & prepare user activity statistics. It can detect idle time & record applications used. Trackabi is an excellent choice for freelancers, small & medium-sized enterprises.

Trackabi Desktop Time Tracking App for Windows, macOS, & Linux

  • Track time with a click: activity monitoring, idle detection
  • Check daily stats with missing time alerts, days off, & more
  • Monitor performance & avoid distractions

Trackabi desktop timer application

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About Trackabi

Trackabi is a platform for time tracking & employee leave management with many extras such as user activity monitoring, reports, invoicing, access roles, project estimates, or even turning Git commits into timesheet entries. Plus, we offer to play the time tracking game instead of just tracking time. We use gamification to make time tracking fun. As in video games, you can create achievements for your team based on different goals with badges, entertaining congratulation messages, & Karma points.

Trackabi — Free time tracking & leave management

Key Features

  • Desktop Timer Application for Windows, Linux, & macOS: The app can track time based on user activity. It can automatically launch and stop the timer, differentiate work and leisure activities, and provides excellent daily reports.
  • Gamification of time tracking: achievements and karma points for higher motivation and increased engagement.
  • Highly Customizable Timesheets: Timesheets can be edited like spreadsheets in Excel and offer many customization options (data to display, mandatory fields, additional custom fields, etc.).
  • Timesheets Locking: You can lock a specific period in timesheets to disallow your employees to add, modify, or delete their time entries at locked dates.
  • Employee Leave Management Integrated with Timesheets: Personal day-off calendar for every employee and a common leave schedule with the request/approval process. - Employee leaves can be within timesheets to make it easier for managers to ensure the data is complete.
  • Customizable Time Reports: Time reports can be generated from a timesheet based on user settings and shared through external links or exported to Excel or PDF.
  • Invoicing & Payments: Invoices can be created from reports or independently and sent to clients by email. The system allows entering client payments and tracking totals and overdue invoices.
  • Project Plans & Estimates: Project plans with a breakdown by milestones, tasks, and subtasks allow bottom-up time and budget estimating. Estimated amounts can be matched against real live data from employee timesheets.
  • User Access Roles: The system supports advanced user access roles based on editable privileges. Plus, every user may access many company accounts — join a company as an employee and create his company account utilizing the same username.
  • Client Access: Clients can be invited to access saved time reports, invoices, and timesheets related to their projects. It helps a client to keep an eye on the time spent by his contractor and control expenses.
  • Git Commits Import: Import of commits from Git and converting them into time entries is an excellent feature for software developers. The Git commits with comments can be converted into timesheet entries.
  • Informative Dashboards: A bird-eye view dashboard shows time worked summaries, employee absence days, and alerts about missing time reports (less time than expected).
  • Company Data Insights: Detailed overview of every employee's daily activity showing time worked, time added to a timesheet, applications used, idle time, etc.

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