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Tournamenter Manager

Tournamenter Manager

Manage your Tournament event and show Live views to public.


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This project is an wrapper for the Tournamenter app. It is a service manager that can launch and manage Tournamenter servers locally.


Tournamenter is

A system that allows you to manage your tournament or event, built with Node.JS and Electron.

It allows you to run events with a easy to use interface that let's you:

  • Manage Teams
  • Create Groups (Like Soccer Groups)
  • Create Tables (With custom ranking options and Columns)
  • Create Views that will be displayed in TV Screens and Projectors (With custom Pages that can be customized)

Download and Install

The App is in BETA, and should work fine on Mac and Windows. Download the latest version for your OS:

What it does

It allows you to create instances ("run servers") of Tournamenter without knowing a bit of Terminal. You can run multiple instances of Tournamenter simultaneously.


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