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Beautiful and elegant podcast client.


Tilde is the most beautiful and elegant podcast client.

It allows you to search, subscribe and play all your favorite podcasts.

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Nerdy Things

🔍 Search for new podcasts via iTunes

The search, based on the iTunes API, allows you to reach any Podcast and view its feed in an instant.


🗒️ Viewing the Feeds

By opening the feed of a podcast, the interface shows all the main informations about it, such as:

  • the name of the podcast
  • the name of the podcaster
  • the description


After the information section, the list of episodes is shown.

🎙️ New episodes

The section of new episodes is displayed when the app is launched. It shows the most recent episodes published during the last week.


❤️ Favorites

Episodes from a podcast are shown in the section of new episodes only after you have added it to your favorites.

The section of favorites allows you to have quick links to all the podcasts you love most.


📥 Archive

You can keep the most interesting episodes in your personal archive.


⚙️ Settings

In the settings you can choose the theme you prefer.


👾 Nerdy Things

🚧 Work in progress 🚧

This project is a fork of Poddycast


Something missing? Edit this app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab