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Browse your PC remotely from any web browser.

This My PC

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ThisMyPC provides a neat web interface that can be used for browsing your desktop drives from any device in your browser itself. With the help of NodeJs, the file details are displayed in JSON format that can then be easily displayed in web browsers.

The source code is open so that you can download the source code and set it up with ease if you would like to have your own exclusive environment.

Web Site System

App Screenshots

Desktop App Login Desktop App Open Web App computer hard drives Web App computer hard drives Open

Folder Structure

├── .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE
├── doc                          # All Api doc and gif files
├── thisMyPCApp                  # Electron JS app folder
├── thisMyPCServer               # Node JS MongoDB and Express JS server folder
├── thisMyPCWeb                  # Angular website folder
├── .gitignore
├── .gitlab-ci.yml

What (This my pc) ?

The concept behind thismypc app was to transfer your computer folder and file information through a nodeJS server to the web end as JSON data.

Why (This my pc) ?

  • The app's responsive web interface helps you to browse file in any resolution device.
  • You can use source code for your own projects.
  • It works well in low bandwidth environments.

How to (Wiki) ?

All usage instruction and information update on Github Wiki.



Platform Status
Microsoft Windows Developing
Linux Pending
Mac os Pending
Android Developing

Built With

Clone Project

git clone

git clone

This Command will copy a full project to your local environment

Angular Project

Setting up Angular Project

    cd thisMyPCWeb
    npm i

Setting up Angular Project

cd thisMyPCWeb Move into angular Project Folder npm i install all dependency.

Run Angular Project

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Electron Project

Setting up Electron Project

cd thisMyPCApp
npm i

 Setting up Electron Project

cd thisMyPCWeb Move into Electron Project Folder npm i install all dependency.

Run Electron Project

Run npm run start start electron app in debug mode

Node Server

Setting up Node Server

cd thisMyPCServer
npm i

cd thisMyPCServer Move into Node Project Folder npm i install all dependency.

Run Node Project

Run npm node index.js to start node server




API Reference

  • PC - Personal Computer
  • - This is Thismypc web site API url. You can use your own localhost server link instead default Link.
  • ":userID" - User ID
  • ":computerKey" - Computer Key


Web API URL Description
User Register /api/v1/user/register -
User Login /api/v1/user/login -
User Logout /api/v1/user/:userID/logout -
User Auth /api/v1/user/authentication -
User Info /api/v1/user/:userID -
User Online PC List /api/v1/user/computer/online -
Public PC Access /api/v1/computer/public/access -
User PC List /api/v1/user/computer -
Update User Account /api/v1/user/update -
Update User Password /api/v1/user/password/edit -
Update User PC Public status /api/v1/user/computer/public/status/update -
Update User PC Public Key /api/v1/user/computer/public/key/update -

Web socket IO

Socket Name Socket Type Description
Join Socket from Web joinFromWeb emit -
Folder or Driver Open Request openFolder emit -
PC access Requests pcAccessRequest emit -
Get Hard Drive List hDDList on -
Folder or hard drive open data openFolderRequestToWeb on -


APP API URL Description
User Login From App /api/v1/user/computer/login -
User Info /api/v1/user/:userID/computer/:computerKey -
User Logout /api/v1/user/:userID/computer/logout -

App socket IO

Socket Name Socket Type Description
Join Socket from APP joinFromApp emit -
Send Hard Drive List hDDList emit -
Send Data inside Folder or Hard Drive sendOpenFolderRequest emit -
Send callback of Folder Create Function folderCreateCallback emit -
PC access user and data pcAccessRequest on -
Folder or Hard drive open request openFolderRequest on -
Folder Validation validateFolderName on -


MongoDB use as Database.


The MIT License 2019 Supun Lakmal

Web Site System Web Site System
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