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Custom Elements

An example of the Bit framework.

Bit stands at the intersection between product and engineering. It helps you take complex product requirements, and break them down into independent, and reusable pieces called "components". It allows you to create components and compose them with each other. Components are described by names and APIs, and contain source code implementation. They can be of different kinds like apps, pages, UI components, backend services and even content. You can think of almost anything in components.


This project requires the bit CLI is installed.

npx @teambit/bvm install

Getting Started

git clone
cd custom-elements

# Start the development server (open localhost:3000)
bit start

# Or run the app in production mode
bit run comic

# Generate a dependencies graph
bit graph

# Print a list of other commands
bit help


This project is FREE to use, reuse, remix, and resell. This is made possible by the MIT license.


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