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Download subtitles like a boss 😎!

Download Subtitles Like a Boss!

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A simple yet quick application that let's you download missing subtitles of your movie files with just a drag and drop.


  • Filename independent
    SubGenesis uses the file hash of the video file instead of the filename to request the SubDB API. No matter what you name the video file, SubGenesis will fetch the right subtitle for you.
  • Multi Platform
    As of now SubGenesis runs on Windows and MacOS. Future builds for Linux, Android and iOS can be expected.
  • Totally Free
    SubGenesis is free, and will always be. Yeah, no ads


Download the latest binary for your platform from the releases page.

To-do List

  • Batch files processing
  • Auto process folders
  • Reduced filesize

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
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Enter Open the selected search result
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