Polyglot flow testing tool


Have you ever struggled with testing multi protocol flows? Want to ensure that a user journey which involves several steps with different protocols is working properly? Dependencies messages have become a pain? Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to have a GUI tool to save you from this agonizing pain?
You're welcome


Stacker is a yet another GUI client for enqueuer to handle multi protocol tests. Written in Vue.js and Electron. It aims to provide a clean, fun, and good looking interface for interacting with polyglot flows.



This mankind magnificence provides the following capabilities:

  • Support for many protocols out of the box
  • Chainable message flows
  • Easily mock numerous services to alleviate the headaches of functional and integration tests
  • Friendly for developers and non developers
  • Built in assertion library to verify response data coming from/going to your services
  • Built in CLI is easy to add to your team's existing CI pipelines powered by enqueuer
  • (WIP) Easily extensible behavior through third party plugins, including your own custom ones

Test driven

Test are first class citizens, they are placed front and center here. Through assertions check whether each flowing by message matches what is expected:

  • Sent to where it was suppose to be sent
  • Contains what it should contain
  • Sent faster than the threshold


Have you seen how many protocols it supports? Out of the box, just one click away from each other. There's a work in progress task force to enable an amazing plugin architecture so you'll be free to write your one or download the ones that pleased you most. In this meanwhile, you can have fun using one of the following:

  • HTTP
  • AMQP
  • MQTT



Currently, there aren't any said rules for stacker just yet on committing and submitting pull requests. If you want to aid the project in other ways, consider sending us a star.

Still in Beta

Stacker is still a beta version, so please excuse any small glitches that may occur here and there. They will all be gone soon. :)


We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. you can reach us here.


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