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Scratch For Discord

Scratch For Discord

🐱 Create your own Discord Bot easily using Scratch-styled blocks.

Scratch For Discord

Scratch For Discord desktop app codebase.



  • Lightweight
  • Auto updater included
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Custom Scratch server support
  • Can be used without internet
  • Slash Commands GUI extension included


  • /.github : Github workflows that build and publish the app
  • /src : Reactjs codebase
  • /public : Assets and root page for react codebase
  • /environments : Electron
    • /environments/updates : Application updates handler
    • /environments/scripts : Preload scripts
    • /environments/assets : Assets
    • /environments/core : Application core
      • /environments/core/extensions : IPC events handler
      • /environments/core/rpc : Discord RPC, maybe?
      • /environments/core/server : Local server that serves s4d when there is no internet
      • /environments/core/storage : Storage management



  • JavaScript
  • Electron


  • Reactjs
  • Tailwindcss
  • Fontawesome

is it free to use?

Scratch For Discord is completely open-source and free to use.

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