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API client for protobuf over http.


A Postman-like API client for protobuf-based messages.


  1. Register your .proto files to enable protobuf-related features. Right click on the collection, select 'Manage .proto files' to register the file paths.

  1. The rest of the request-building interface is similar to Postman.

    a. Enter your good old http request parameters (method, url, headers)

    b. Select request/response proto messages you want.

    c. Fill out the fields in your request proto message.

    d. Click send.

    e. The response is shown below the request section.

  1. As of version 0.2.0, you can also set up environments, and reuse variables there throughout your requests on the top-right corner!

  1. As of version 0.3.0, you can also import / export collections as JSON
  • When importing a collection, all the proto definitions / path to .proto files are also imported. Hence, it's recommended to fix the paths to keep the proto definitions up-to-date.
  • Note that it's not compatible with Postman collections.
  1. As of version 0.4.0, you can also reorder requests / set different expected messages for success(2XX) and failures(others)

  2. That's it for the current version. Enjoy and leave a star if you like it !





Protoman Setup 0.4.0.exe - Unlike mac, I don't currently own a license to sign the app. So it might give you some security warnings!



As a fallback, you can clone the repo and run npm install && npm run build to build, and npm run start to launch the app. Or, you can actually find configurations on electron builder to get the right distribution version yourself!


If you are interested in reporting/fixing issues and contributing directly to the codebase, follow the standard procedures.

  1. Create an issue.
  2. Fork the repo.
  3. Submit a PR.
  4. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Make sure to run npm run lint before submitting your PR!



Request-Response with protobuf bodies Request-Response with protobuf bodies

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