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Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer.

Pomotroid in action

Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer.


Pomotroid is a simple and configurable Pomodoro timer. It aims to provide a visually-pleasing and reliable way to track productivity using the Pomodoro Technique.

Pomotroid is in its early stages, so feedback and contributions are welcome and appreciated! 🌱


  • Customize times and number of rounds (persistent)
  • Charming timer alert sounds (optional)
  • Desktop notifications (optional)
  • Minimize to tray (optional)
  • Several themes included with the ability to create custom themes.
  • Timer activity logging.


Pomotroid provides many themes. It's also theme-able, allowing you to customize its appearance.

Screenshots of Pomotroid using various themes

Visit the theme documentation to view the full list of official themes and for instruction on creating your own.



Download the latest version from the releases page.

Pomotroid is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


You can also install Pomotroid on macOS with Homebrew:

brew install --cask pomotroid


You can install Pomotroid on Windows with scoop

scoop install


You can install Pomotroid on Windows with AppGet

appget install pomotroid


📝 Future plans for enhancements and development:

  • Mini-mode


Pomotroid is built with Vue.js, Electron, and electron-vue.

Note: depending on your OS settings, you may receive a security warning upon installation. This has to do with Pomotroid being an unsigned application. You can find out more by researching code-signing for Apple and Microsoft.

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm i

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build Pomotroid for production
npm run build


MIT © Christopher Murphy


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