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Media player.


Inspired by mpv player (with old hud) - I'm really liked it.. :( and PotPlayer.

Developed using Electron.

Keep It Simple!

I'm sick of so much bullsh.t features in modern mediaplayers like kmp, vlc, etc. Filters, useless view modes and more..

At last time I used PotPlayer but at this time is overhyped too.

The lot of extra features is it would be awesome, but finaly the program can't do that normally what it created first. So I make my own..

I don't planning more features to the updates (exept audioTrack support/changes if will supported..), only neccessary bug fixes.

The Phresh media player is a simple and intuitive desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux. It plays media files.. end of story.

In turn, I pays great attention to the naturality, easy and clear usage with much (and usual) keyboard shortcuts and some mouse gestures.

The player has an right click menu also for more powerful support the handling.

PhreshPlayer knows read the '.srt' subtitles also, only '.srt'. The '.sub' files not supported.


Changes & Version history.

New features

For new features, please check the player plugins: PhreshPlayer plugins.

Supported file types (extendable with plugin)

  • mp4
  • webm
  • mkv (aac audio only. ac3 not, but you can convert to aac)
  • m4v
  • ogg (ogv)
  • mov
  • mp3
  • flac


key action
l toggle (show/hide) playlist
f toggle fullscreen
enter toggle fullscreen
esc exit fullscreen
m toggle mute
up volume increase
down volume decrease
left seek -5 sec
right seek +5 sec
p previous video
b previous video
n next video
space toggle play/pause
t toggle always on top
q quit

Mouse events

event action
mouse move show controls (auto hide after 1 sec)
leave cursor on controls box show controls (still visible)
left doubleclick toggle fullscreen
scroll up volume increase
scroll down volume decrease
left click on progressbar seek to the point
right click menu open

File/Folder drops

place action
videoplayer area clear actual playlist, and refill with the new files
playlist area append files to the actual playlist

The application can read folders also, but just 1 level deep:

  • .

  • ..

  • Folder

    • Folder2
      • file level 3
    • file level 2
    • file2 level 2
  • file level 1

  • file2 level 1

level 1 and level 2 files will append also to the playlist if you drop in at the same time, but level 3 file in Folder2 won't.

'Sorry bro, no mana..'

The electron (and the original too) Chromium/Chrome currently not support multi audio tracks in html 5 video players, so the language change unavilable yet in multi language videos.. :(

Unfortunately I can't test on MacOS, so if you want better support for Mac, buy me a MacBook.. :D .. Or write to me the problems and deficiency what you found and i'll try to fix it.



Player, Controlbox, Tooltip, Notify

Playing video

Show subtitle

Right click menu

Convert video (while playing other)

Still converting (after modal closed)

After conversion (auto add to playlist and) play the video


Copyright (c) 2018, Krisztián Kis - Phresh-IT. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.


PhreshPlayer v1.1.3





Clone or download the repo and navigate in console to the program's root folder.


npm install


npm start


npm run dist


If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions, issues(problems, ideas) and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!


Something missing? Edit this app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab