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Minimalistic wrapper around Google Music and YouTube music services

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Perlotto - minimal google music / youtube wrapper wrapper


Perlotto is a minimal wrapper around Google Music and Youtube services that turnes them into real platers but does not add tons of crap on top. So, what's inside?

  • Google music and Youtube support
  • Multimedia keys
  • Last.FM scrobbling
  • No notifications

That's it.


$ npm install
$ npm start

My favorite music service is not supported! What can I do?

Adding new music service ranges from trivial to somewhat complicated in case this service works with external plugins (like spotify). Nevertheless, Google music implementation can serve as a boilerplate.

You need to be able to reason of several things to get the full integration:

  • How to understand that player page is loaded

    This is playerLoadedp function in inject.js script.

  • How to understand that player is playing

    This is isPlaying function in inject.js script.

  • How to do play/pause ot switch to the next or previous track

    The javascript to be executed for this commands is defined in content.js script.

  • How to get information about current song.

    This is trackInfo function in inject.js script. Please note that this information is only required for stuff but who knows if we need it for something else, right?

  • And of course you need to be able to make your service work inside Perlotto app.


$ npm run dist


Whenever you encounter any feel free to raise issues in bugtracker or, what's better, to solve them and send pull requests.


MIT, except app icon, which was just found on iconfinder. If you are the owner and don't want it to be there, please contact me.


Something missing? Edit this app.

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