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Work in perfect isolation from the real world in your own virtual office, powered by WebVR.


On/Office was created to give you some distraction-free privacy during your work. Making use of powerful Virtual Reality and Web technologies, this application offers you a customisable, virtual room where the screen from your computer is streamed in front of you. Fetch a comfy seat, wear your headset and get ready to work distraction-free.


🏢 Carry a virtual office with you anywhere.

🌍 Change your environment to anything you'd like with a Panoramic image.

🔗 Powered by web technology. Runs on any headset supporting WebVR.

🖱️ A handy virtual cursor to keep your mouse position on the virtual screen synced at all times

💻 Available for Windows and Mac. Linux version pending.

😎 Fully open-source. Read the file for more background on how the code is structured and how you can get involved.

Supported headsets

  • HTC Vive
  • Windows MR
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Go
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream
  • Google Cardboard (Android & iOS)

(but technically, any headset with support for WebVR will work)


  • Provide separate instructions per supported headset (*)
  • Add support for environments built in AFrame (*)
  • Place applications as separate windows in the virtual environments (*)

These issues are sorted in random order. Each item has an entry on the issues page. You can find the current progress there. Feel free to contribute in any way possible. Anything is welcome: Feedback, thoughts on priority, implementations, ideas for new features, etc.


  • Nick van Manen for his invaluable contributions in getting this project up and running.
  • Janine Terlouw for the wonderful UX designs
  • Peter Kassenaar whose workshop inspired me to rewrite the client to a VueJS project.
Settings screen Settings screen
Instructions how to connect via your WebVR-powered headset Instructions how to connect via your WebVR-powered headset
A view from the virtual environment A view from the virtual environment

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