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Easy to use new terminal on Windows, Linux and macOS.



An easy to use new terminal for Windows/Linux/MacOS platform. It like Xshell or SecureCRT or PuTTY shell client.


More screenshots.


  • Support SSH protocol
  • Support Windows/Linux/MacOS platform
  • Support language for en-US and zh-CN
  • Support Sftp protocol
  • Support SSH tunnel(socksv5). By default it listen on port 10080.
  • Support ftp protocol
  • Support session config import/export
  • Support xterm theme config
  • Support Serial protocol
  • Support xterm logger manager
  • Support VNC protocol
  • Support Dark/Light theme config
  • Support session FullScreen


  • NxShell 2.0

How to report bug

Welcome report bug to the list

How to Install

  • Download from Microsoft App Store. link
  • Linux Download from Snapcraft. link
  • Download from github release. link
  • Android APP from github release(Alpha).link
  • Android APP from Google

Contact us

Wechat: yuniot8

QQ Group: 199234440

Email: 82828068 At

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Current NxShell Only support Chinese and English, If you are good at language translation, please contact us.

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