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Music Player

Music Player

Plays music with real-time pitch shifting, time stretching, and reversing effects.

Music Player

This is a music player that can apply cool effects such as reversing, time stretching, and pitch shifting in real-time. It's basically the GUI version of my Music Player Web site.


  • Play audio (MP3, WAV) and MIDI files
  • Adjust the volume of the audio
  • Reverse audio in real-time
  • Time stretching in real-time (can either preserve or affect the pitch)
  • Pitch shifting in real-time (only if time-stretch is set to not affect the pitch)
  • Looping from point A to point B
  • Support for local files, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud tracks
  • Render and download audio/midi with effects
  • Keeps a record of recent plays
  • Play previous and next tracks (from your file system)
  • Customize the controls of the MIDI synthesizer

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space: Play/Pause
  • Left Arrow: Rewind
  • Right Arrow: Fast forward
  • Up Arrow: Increase volume
  • Down Arrow: Decrease volume
  • Mouse Wheel: Increase/decrease volume
  • Ctrl O: Upload file
  • Ctrl S: Download file
  • Drag and drop: Upload file


Download the latest installer from the releases tab. Updates can be installed automatically.

Bugs and Requests

Open an issue on my GitHub repository.

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