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Metronome Wallet

Metronome Wallet

Desktop wallet for Metronome (MET) token.

Metronome Wallet Desktop

💻💰 Metronome Wallet for desktop computers

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Metronome Desktop Wallet


Create a local .env file with the following content:



  • Node.js LTS (v12 minimum, v14 recommended)


# Install dependencies
npm i

# Run dev mode
npm run dev


  • For errors related to node-gyp when installing the dependencies, try using sudo to postinstall the dependencies.
  • For Windows, installing windows-build-tools may be required. To do so, run:
npm i --global --production windows-build-tools


The log output is in the next directories:

  • Linux: ~/.config/<app name>/logs/{process-type}.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/<app name>/logs/{process-type}.log
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\<app name>\logs\{process-type}.log

process-type being equal to main, renderer or worker

More info


  • Linux: ~/.config/metronome-desktop-wallet/Settings
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/metronome-desktop-wallet/Settings
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\\metronome-desktop-wallet\\Settings

To completely remove the application and start over, remove the settings file too.

Production Build

# Run build process
npm run dist

# or

# Run build process and publish to GitHub releases
npm run release


The app needs to be signed and notarized. To do so, install the .p12 file in the local keychain (double click on it).

The certificate is obtained from the Apple Developer website. The Developer ID Application is required. The Developer ID Installer may be required too. Once obtained, the .cer files have to be converted to .p12 by providing the certificate passwords/private keys.

In addition to that, the following environment variables have to be set to publish:

# See below to complete these two:
# See `electron-build` docs on how to complete these two:
# Github personal access token to upload the files to repo releases.

Follow these steps to create an app specific password. The APPLE_ID variable is the Apple ID used to create the password. APPLE_ID_PASSWORD is the password Apple created for the app.

The GitHub personal access token needs repo permissions. See the docs on how to create a personal access access token for more information.

The signing certificate shall be in the root folder of the repository. The certificate password will be required during the signing process. The signing process may take several minutes because notarization requieres uploading the app to Apple.

In order to verify that the application has been successfully signed and notarized, run:

# Verifies the app has been signed
codesign --verify --verbose ./dist/mac/Metronome\

# Verifies the app has been notarized
spctl -a -t exec -vvv ./dist/mac/Metronome\


To sign the application, a certificate for the Microsoft Authenticode platform is required. The certificate, a .p7b file, will then be required during the build process.

Current provider is DigiCert.



Metronome Desktop Wallet Metronome Desktop Wallet

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