Minimal media duplicator for common media services like youtube.


a minimal media duplicator for common media services like youtube

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about media-dupes

media-dupes can:

  • download video from common media services
  • download audio from common media services

media-dupes is:

  • available for linux linux, apple macOS and windows windows.
  • free and open source
  • based on electron
  • using bundled versions of youtube-dl and ffmpeg to do it's magic


Please see the changelog for more details.


You'll find the latest releases here.


Please see the installation instructions for more details.


media-dupes checks on application launch if there is an update available. Updates must be installed manually as automatic updating of electron applications requires that the builds are code-signed, which i can't provide so far.


Please see the LICENSE for more details.


  • media-dupes is using sentry to collect error reports. This helps heavily finding bugs which might occur only in some specific use-cases. Please see the sentry privacy policy for more details.
  • error reporting is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the application settings UI.
  • media-dupes is not tracking it's users (i.e. using Google Analytics or similar)
  • no ip addresses are stored

You are always welcome to check and even improve the code.


There is a public #media-dupes room available on Click here to join.


Please see the contributing informations for more details. A list of all contributors can be found here.


Building media-dupes yourself is pretty easy. Please see the building instructions for more details.


media-dupes is not affiliated with any of the supported apps/services.


Something missing? Edit this app.

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