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Markdown notes and Personal Wiki application which offers Github gists sync and many other features 🚀.

Welcome to MDyna 👋

Documentation Maintenance License: MIT Twitter: Psybork

MDyna is a markdown notes application that syncs with Github gists, and much more

🏠 Homepage

Linux and Windows Build: CircleCI MacOS Build GitHub Actions status Landing Page: Netlify Status GitHub release date

Main Features

  • Git Flavoured Markdown (GFM) support
  • macOs + Windows + Linux
  • Code syntax highlighting for several languages
  • Dark Mode
  • Tag notes with labels
  • Organize cards through boards
  • Cloud syncing through custom directory
  • Github gist sync
  • Export boards as markdown files
  • Import .md files from directory


👤 David Morais

🤝 Contributing Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check our community page issues page.
You can also open an issue via Github issues

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📝 License

Copyright © 2019 David Morais.
This project is MIT licensed.

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