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Secure image viewer for minimalists.


An image viewer for minimalists.

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👍 Features

  • Pan & WheelZoom
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Memory-Friendly
  • Auto Update (macOS)

📗 Usage

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function Platform
J Next Image -
K Previous Image -
+ Zoom In -
- Zoom Out -
0 Reset Zoom -
pan -
Command+Control+F Toggle Fullscreen macOS
Command+Option+I Toggle Developer Tools macOS
Ctrl+T Show/Hide Menu Bar Windows
F11 Toggle Fullscreen Windows
Ctrl+Shift+I Toggle Developer Tools Windows

🖱️ Mouse Operations

Mouse Function
drag pan
double click reset zoom
wheel zoom in/out

🔒 Security

API Value
default-src (CSP) self
nodeIntegration false
enableRemoteModule false
worldSafeExecuteJavaScript true
contextIsolation true
safeDialogs true
sandbox true

🌈 Supported Image Formats

  • bmp (
  • ico (
  • gif (com.compuserve.gif)
  • jpg (public.jpeg)
  • png (public.png)
  • svg (public.svg-image)
  • webp (

🛠️ Build and Install

$ git clone
$ cd leafview
$ npm install && npm run package

Note that you will need to have Node.js and Git installed.

And you might also need to have some build tools (ex. Microsoft Build Tools, Xcode) installed.


💻 macOS (x64, arm64)

You can download the latest version of LeafView from the releases page here:

🖥️ Windows10

You can download the latest version of LeafView from Microsoft Store.

🍻 Contribution

I need more locale files.
When you translate the menu into your language, please send me the locale file as a pull request.

  • Create {your_LANG}.json in src/locales.
  • And then add your locale to src/setLocales.ts like:
  import en from './locales/en.json';
  import ja from './locales/ja.json';
+ import cs from './locales/cs.json';

 export const setLocales = (locale: string): void => {
     lng: locale,
     fallbackLng: 'en',
     resources: {
       en: { translation: en },
       ja: { translation: ja },
+      cs: { translation: cs },

🏛️ License



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Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab