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LBRY Desktop

LBRY Desktop

LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace. You own your data. You control the network. Indeed, you are the network. Hollywood films, college lessons, amazing streamers and more are on the first media network ruled by you.

LBRY App -

This repo contains the UI code that powers the official LBRY desktop app, as well as The LBRY app is a graphical browser for the decentralized content marketplace provided by the LBRY protocol. It is essentially the lbry daemon bundled with a UI using Electron.

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Table of Contents

  1. Install
  2. Usage
  3. Running from Source
  4. Contributing
  5. License
  6. Security
  7. Contact


Windows Linux MacOS

We provide installers for Windows, macOS (v10.12.4, Sierra, or greater), and Debian-based Linux. See community maintained builds section for alternative Linux installations.

Windows macOS Linux
Latest Stable Release Download Download Download
Latest Pre-release Download Download Download

Our releases page also contains the latest release, pre-releases, and past builds.
Note: If the deb fails to install using the Ubuntu Software Center, install manually via sudo dpkg -i <path to deb>. You'll need to run sudo apt-get install -f if this is the first time installing it to install dependencies

To install from source or make changes to the application, continue to the next section below.

Community maintained builds for Arch Linux and Flatpak are available, see below. These installs will need to be updated manually as the in-app update process only supports Debian installs at this time. Note: If coming from a deb install, the directory structure is different and you'll need to migrate data.

Flatpak Arch ARM/ARM64
Latest Release FlatHub Page AUR Package Build Guide
Maintainers @kcSeb @kcSeb/@TimurKiyivinski @Madiator2011


Double click the installed application to interact with the LBRY network.

Running from Source

You can run the web version (, the electron app, or both at the same time.


  1. Clone (or fork) this repository: git clone
  2. Change directory into the cloned repository: cd lbry-desktop
  3. Install the dependencies: yarn

Run the electron app

yarn compile:electron (this is only needed the first time you run the app)

yarn dev

  • If you want to build and launch the production app you can run yarn build. This will give you an executable inside the /dist folder. We use electron-builder to create distributable packages.

Run the web app for development

yarn compile:web (this is only needed the first time you run the app)

yarn dev:web

  • This uses webpack-dev-server and includes hot-reloading. If you want to debug the web server we use in production you can run yarn dev:web-server. This starts a server at localhost:1337 and does not include hot reloading.

Customize the web app

  • In root directory, copy .env.defaults to .env and make changes
cp .env.defaults .env
nano .env
  • To specify your own OG-IMAGE You can either place a png named v2-og.png in the /custom folder or specify the OG_IMAGE_URL in .env

  • To specify your own channels to be followed on first run AUTO_FOLLOW_URLS=lbry://@chan#123...a lbry://@chan2#456...a

  • If you want to customize the homepage content

  1. add CUSTOM_HOMEPAGE=true to the '.env' file
  2. copy /custom/homepage.example.js to /custom/homepage.js and make desired changes to homepage.js
  • If you want up to two custom sidebar links

  • Finally NODE_ENV=production yarn compile:web to rebuild Note: You don't need to edit the .env file in the /web folder - that is copied during compile.

Deploy the web app (experimental)

  1. Create a server with a domain name and a reverse proxy https to port 1337.
  2. Install pm2, node v10, yarn
  3. Clone this repo
  4. Make any customizations as above
  5. Run yarn to install
  6. Run NODE_ENV=production yarn compile:web to build
  7. Set up pm2 to start ./web/index.js

Run both at the same time

Run the two commands above in separate terminal windows

yarn dev

// in another terminal window
yarn dev:web

Resetting your Packages

If the app isn't building, or yarn xxx commands aren't working you may need to just reset your node_modules. To do so you can run: rm -r node_modules && yarn or del /s /q node_modules && yarn on Windows.

If you really think something might have gone wrong, you can force your repo to clear everything that doesn't match the repo with git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -fxd && git pull -r


We ❤️ contributions from everyone and contributions to this project are encouraged, and compensated. We welcome bug reports, bug fixes and feedback is always appreciated. For more details, see

contributions welcome GitHub contributors


This project is MIT licensed. For the full license, see LICENSE.


We take security seriously. Please contact regarding any security issues. Our PGP key is here if you need it. All releases are signed by Sean Yesmunt.


The primary contact for this project is @seanyesmunt.


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