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Kinesis CI

Kinesis CI

Automated Testing and Continuous Integration for Tableau

Kinesis-CI - Sample Project

Important Note: September 8th 2021 - This GitHub is no longer updated by the software vendor. Please use our rebranded site:

Education and innovation is a sample project for users of the Kinesis CI tool for Tableau. Kinesis CI is a test framework that adds automated testing and continuous integration capability to Tableau Server. For more information on Kinesis CI, please visit



This project is designed to give you an example for setting up your testing projects in Kinesis CI.

It contains a collection of test cases for a Tableau Workbook – Education and Innovation, including the following test cases:

Functional Testing

  • Load data into a database
  • Publish Tableau workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server
  • Refresh data extracts
  • Filters
  • Parameters
  • Checking data against an expected data set
  • Checking the layout of the Dashboard to an expected layout
  • Checking data against pre-defined rules and criterias
  • Checking data against the datasource by an SQL query in the underlying database
  • Running custom webdriver commands (required for SSO and custom login pages)
  • Switch Tab
  • Selecting Marks for testing interactivity/ user clicks

Regression Testing

  • Running regression test on a Tableau dashboard to compare against a baseline in terms of data, layout, filter and parameter consitency

Cross Environment Testing

  • Comparing the same Tableau View on two different environments i.e. dev and prod or two different Tableau Server versions, when doing and upgrade, in terms of data, layout, filter and parameter consitency

Performance Testing

  • Testing the performance of your Tableau Server by driving load against it

This example goes hand in hand with the documentation of Kinesis CI, which you can find under

How to use this demo project?

  1. Clone the repository in Kinesis Designer (File -> Clone Git Repository and enter and open project.json. This project.json file contains key information to identify the individual test projects within this directory. Alternatively, you can use the Kinesis Command Line Interface and open the files in a text editor.

  2. Edit context variables to fit your environment. i.e. reference the Tableau Server you are using within your organization and use a database you have access to. For more information on context variables visit

  3. In Load Data task tailor database reference to a database you would like to use. For detailed information visit

  4. In Regression test, create a new Baseline from your Tableau Server to compare against. For more information on Regression tests visit

  5. In Cross Environment test, update the target environment to fit your target environment you want to compare to your source environment. For more information on Cross Environment tests visit

Directory layout

File Type Description
src Contains the Tableau source files that have been imported into the given Project
context Contains the JSON files that define your context variables. For more information on context variables refer to the documentation under
test Contains files related to the individual Tests that have been created within the Project
test/<TEST_NAME>/resources Test resources. These are typically data files (.csv) needed to load data into source systems (i.e. databases) or validate data to expected results
test/<TEST_NAME>/kinesis.json JSON files that describe the individual Test steps that have been created within the Project
project.json JSON file that contains the key information to identify the individual Projects. This is only needed for Kinesis Designer, but not to run tests from the Command Line Interface

For more information on the Directory Layout please see

Integration with CI tools

If you want to run tests automatically on a Continuous Integration Server, for example on Jenkins, TeamCity or any other similar tool, then you will need to install the Kinesis Command Line Interface to the server where your CI/CD server is running.

Command Line Interface allows you to run previously created Kinesis tests and integrate it with the CI tool of your choice.

For more information on the integration of Kinesis CI and Jenkins, please see


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