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Privacy focused messenger and lightning network wallet.

Juggernaut utilizes the Lightning Network to provide end-to-end encrypted, onion-routed, censorship resistanst, peer-to-peer messaging with native payment capabilities.


Download the latest release for your OS and follow the instructions below.


Double click the .dmg file and then drag into your Applications folder.


Just double click the .exe file to get started.


You must first make the file executable and then double click or run via cli ./file.AppImage

Getting Help / Support

If you are having problems with Juggernaut, please report the issue on Github or Telegram with screenshots and how to reproduce the issue.


  • LND 0.9.x (or greater) with KeySend Enabled

    How to enable Keysend

    On lnd.conf add :

    • accept-keysend=1

    Or run lnd with this argument:

    • --accept-keysend

    Keysend is currently an experimental feature. Your node will now accept payments from any node on the network without having to provide them with a n invoice first. Note: This is still an experimental feature so please be careful.

Running From Source

  • download the source git clone
  • navigate to project directory cd juggernaut-desktop
  • install dependencies yarn
  • start the project yarn dev

Building From Source

You can run yarn package to build an executable that will be output in the release directory.

Running more than one instance while testing

Currently the only way I've been able to do this for testing is to run one using yarn dev and the other using a built release from yarn package. If anyone knows how to run two separate instances of an electron app in development, please let me know!



MIT © Juggernaut


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

John Cantrell


Ștefan D. Mihăilă

💻 🎨



This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Juggernaut Messenger Juggernaut Messenger

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