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Private Cryptocurrency Tracker.


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Invizi is a 100% open source, private and free cryptocurrency manager.

With Invizi you can safely track and trade your digital assets - all your data is local, encrypted and never leaves your computer. Invizi is a public good and will always be free to use.


Our mission is to empower people to manage their digital assets without compromising their privacy. We want to usher in a world without data breaches, predatory ad models, commoditization of user’s data and abuse of privacy.

How to build and run from source


  • Git
  • Node.JS v12.x
  • NPM
  • A C/C++ compiler tool chain for your platform

1. Get the source

git clone

2. Build

cd invizi

# install dependencies
npm install

Build for Mac

npm run build:mac

Build for Windows

npm run build:win

Build for Linux

npm run build:linux

the executable will be placed in ./build folder


There are many ways in which you can contribute:


Licensed under the GPLv3 license.

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