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Image optimizer



Imagine is a desktop app for compression of PNG and JPEG, with a modern and friendly UI.

Save for web.


For Windows, macOS and Linux, download binaries from:

  • Imagine-Setup-x.y.z.exe - Windows
  • Imagine-x.y.z.dmg - macOS
  • Imagine-0.4.1-x.y.z.AppImage - Linux

国内用户从 GitHub 下载可能比较慢,可以使用国内加速

Install on linux

App for linux is distributed in AppImage format. Install it with command line:

chmod a+x Imagine-x.y.z-x86_64.AppImage # make executable
./Imagine-x.y.z-x86_64.AppImage # install and run

Screenshot (from legacy version)



  • Multi format (JPEG, PNG, WebP)
  • Format conversion
  • Cross platform
  • GUI
  • Batch optimization
  • i18n (English, 简体中文, Nederlands, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch)

'ImageMagick required'

Since version 0.3.0, you can choose the format that you want to convert to. For example, if you pick a PNG file, you can convert it to JPEG and compress it with MozJPEG optimizer.

But there is an exception: pngquant on windows can't read JPEG files, so if you want to convert JPEG to PNG, you should install ImageMagick firstly, and add it to your PATH environment variable.

Imagine use this command below to check if ImageMagick installed, so make sure it work.

magick -version

Build and Contribute

git clone
# node 8 is recommended
npm install
npm run dev

A PR with all checks passed is welcome.

Before submit a PR, please run npm run test and make sure it success on your machine.

Up to now, there are only 5 locales. To add a new locale, you can either submit a PR, or create an issue, or just send me an email(found in my profile).

Built on

  • pngquant: Lossy PNG compressor
  • mozjpeg: Improved JPEG encoder
  • WebP: A new image format for the Web
  • Electron: Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

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