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Minify your images and graphics with just one drop. Autorenamed in the same place where it comes from.

Image Shrinker

Image Shrinker is a tool to minify images and graphics using the best available libraries for image processing: pngquant, mozjpg, SVGO and Gifsicle. Built with web technologies in Electron

Screenrecording Imageshrinker

How to use

Drag your image file onto the Image Shrinker window and it will saved in the same or in a predefined folder as reduced image. The original graphic will be not replaced.

Download and Installation on macOS

Download Image Shrinker here:

Unpack and copy or drag the app into your macOS application folder. For uninstalling, just drop the app into the bin.

Build your own

Get the repo

git clone

Install dependencies

$ cd image-shrinker
$ npm install

Generate your macOS package

electron-builder build --mac

Generate your Linux package

electron-builder build --linux

Generate your Windows package

electron-builder build --win

Notice: I did not test Windows and Linux. Feel free to commit a pull request.


Thank you, guys!


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