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App to play with hash.


HashTag is a minimalist mirosoftware that hash some text. This application should mainly be used by developers who want to quickly hash something. It can also keep in memory your previous hashes in order to save some time during your development process. Currently, their are 3 algorithms : MD5, SHA-256 and Bcrypt.


⚠️ Currently, this software is only available for Windows (Linux and MacOS are not supported)

You can either download it from GitHub using the latest release, from the Electron apps website or from the Softpedia website.
Once done, double click on HashTag.exe and it be ready to use.

Run HashTag locally

  1. Clone the repository
$ git clone

  1. Install the dependencies
$ npm install

  1. Run the application
$ npm start

  1. Build the application
$ npm run build


If you find a security issue or any other kind of issue, feel free to create an issue by clicking here. Same thing for the pull requests and feature requests.

Development and maintenance

Today, everything is made by MrAnyx

Support 👍

If you like this project or if you want to support me, you can simply smash the like button, just to let me know.



Currently, this project is under the GPL-3.0 license.


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