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Unofficial Desktop Client for Google Assistant

Unofficial Desktop Client for Google Assistant

Google Assistant SDK powered unofficial desktop client for Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client

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Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client is a cross-platform desktop client for Google Assistant based on Google Assistant SDK.


The "Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client" is under development. So, if you find any bugs or have any suggestion, feel free to post an issue or a pull request.


The design is inspired by Google Assistant in Chrome OS and comes in both Light Mode (beta) and Dark Mode 😉.

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Getting Started

In order to use the client, you must have a "Key File" and "Token" for authentication which you can get by going through Device Registration process. You can go through the wiki given below to get started.

"Setup Authentication for Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client" Wiki (For both Device Registration & Authentication help):

Other References

If you want a user friendly registration method, use Device Registration UI:

If you want to use a CLI tool to complete the Device Registration and Authentication process manually, read the following:

After you have registered your device and downloaded the required authentication files, you can head on to Settings and set the "Key File Path" and "Saved Tokens Path" to the location where the respective files are located.

Want to Contribute?

You are more than welcome to contribute to all kinds of contributions:

  • 🤔 Request/Suggest a feature
  • 🐛 Report a bug
  • 📖 Make this documentation better
  • 💻 Contribute with the code

Before you start, we highly recommend you check the Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client's contributing guidelines.

How to Build?

Using npm

# Get dependencies from npm
npm install

# Run the Assistant
npm start

# Build the Assistant
npm run dist

Using yarn

# Get dependencies from npm registry
yarn install

# Run the Assistant
yarn start

# Build the Assistant
yarn dist


If you don't want to build the project for yourself, you can download the Assistant Setup/Installer for the respective platform from here (releases)

Linux Build

If you are a linux user, Snap build is recommended over AppImage. You can download the snap from snapstore.

Get it from the Snap Store

Default Keyboard Shortcut

  • Windows: Win + Shift + A
  • MacOS: Cmd + Shift + A
  • Linux: Super + Shift + A

Note: Keyboard shortcut is configurable in the settings


  • Set build for Mac and Linux in package.json
  • Create Config File
  • Remove 'auth' from the app folder
  • Respond to "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"
  • Activate Mic for continuousConverstion only when audio output is done
  • Use different dependency for audio recording
  • Improve Carousel UI Rendering in the main_area
  • Improve Error Handling
  • Improve Assistant Audio Output
  • Turn off webAudio after visualization
  • "Enable Audio Output" in Settings
  • Divide Settings into sections
  • Don't accept empty queries
  • Info for each Setting
  • Animation while talking
  • Ping when activating mic
  • Welcome screen for first-time users
  • Display images from Google Images
  • Option to disable auto-scaling
  • Cleanup CSS
  • Remove sox as a dependency

Other Libraries Used


Something missing? Edit this app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab