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Golem Electron Application

Minimum Node Requirement CircleCI

The desktop application using Electron, React and Redux.

Golem Testnet Golem Mainnet


🔧 Installation

You can use npm or yarn to install dependecies, to do;

NPM Yarn
npm install yarn

That's it!

💻 Usage (from source)

Start dev server

npm run start:app

Start electron application

Testnet Mainnet
npm run start npm run start:mainnet

🚩 Custom flags

To run golem electron with custom datadir and/or rpc address, pass the same flags and parameters as you do with golem. i.e.;

golemapp --datadir /Users/USER/test_datadir --rpc-address
npm run start -- --datadir /Users/USER/test_datadir --rpc-address

Note: Don't forget to add -- to npm run start before adding your flags.

🐛 Debug mode

While using application, you can choose Debug mode from the View menu or press;

Windows:   Ctrl  + Shift + L
Mac:           ⌘ cmd + Shift + L
Linux:         Ctrl   + Shift + L

Debug mode will be activated.
Now you can restart the application to catch all critical informations from beginning.

You'll find debug logs in;

OS Path General Log Error Log
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\golem\golem\default\{CURRENT_CHAIN}\logs\ gui.log gui‑error.log
Mac ~/Library/Application\ Support/golem/default/{CURRENT_CHAIN}/logs/ gui.log gui‑error.log
Linux ~/.local/share/golem/default/{CURRENT_CHAIN}/logs/gui.log/ gui.log gui‑error.log

Note: {CURRENT_CHAIN} parameter will be mainnet if you running golem on mainnet, if you're on testnet it will be rinkeby in this case.

🎛️ Developer mode

While using application, you can choose Developer mode from the View menu or press;

Windows:   Ctrl  + Shift + D
Mac:           ⌘ cmd + Shift + D
Linux:         Ctrl   + Shift + D

Developer mode will be activated.

You'll find additional information about;

  • subtask node list in task details page
  • peer list in settings tab
  • stats about the application in settings tab
  • more detailed tooltip information while hovering subtask borders in preview window


Run tests

npm run test
npm run test:watch //live
npm run test:coverage //live

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