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Note Taking app with Diary workflow. A rich text editor, a Sticky notes and a Todo list, All driven by a Calendar.


Flawesome is a modern productivity tool that will help you organise your day-today work and thoughts.
All the three application components i.e. The Notebook, The Sticky Notes and The Todolist are driven by the Calendar. This makes it more like a digital diary with some additional features.

Application Tab 1 Screenshot

Application Tab 2 Screenshot

Application Tab 3 Screenshot


Flawesome v0.2.2 Pre-Release For Windows 64-Bit

Go to Releases to see all the releases.

Currently I have only generated the package for Windows, but soon it will be available for macos and linux aswell.

Build the setup yourself:

** Prequisite: Git, Node, Yarn package manager
  • Clone the repo:
$ git clone
  • Install the dependencies:
$ yarn install
  • Build for production:
$ yarn build
  • Create Package:
$ yarn package


MIT Copyright (c) 2020 Ashish Bharadwaj J
Refer to file for details

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Rich text editor (Notepad) Rich text editor (Notepad)
Sticky Notes Sticky Notes
Todo List Todo List

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