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Your one-stop tool for curating and sharing research data and software according to FAIR guidelines.

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FAIR data and software sharing made easy

Your one-stop tool for rapidly curating and sharing biomedical research data and software according to applicable FAIR guidelines

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FAIRshare is a cross-platform desktop software that allows researchers to easily organize and share their biomedical research data according to applicable FAIR guidelines. In our first phase of development we are implementing a process for making biomedical research software FAIR and also working on supporting the FAIRification of COVID-19 and other infectious disease related research data (immunology, genomics, epidemiology, etc.). Learn more about FAIRshare, its impact, the development timeline, and related resources on our group's website at

A screenshot of the user interface of FAIRshare.

Downloading FAIRshare

FAIRshare is distributed as an easy-to-install desktop application for Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. Follow the instructions provided in our dedicated documentation to download the version suitable for your operating system.

All our releases are also accessible in the releases tab.


See the FAIRshare documentation for details about each features.

Issues and Feedback

To report any issues with the software, suggest improvements, or request a new feature, please open a new issue via the Issues tab. Provide adequate information (operating system, steps leading to error, screenshots) so we can help you efficiently. Alternatively, you could also use our feedback form.

Using the Source Code

If you want to use the source code, contribute, modify FAIRshare to better suit your needs, or compile it for an operating system not mentioned above, please follow the instructions provided in the developer guide of our documentation.


FAIRshare is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

Privacy Policy

FAIRshare uses Google Analytics to track user interactions with the application. Tracking is anonymous and no identifying personal information is collected. Tracking is implemented as part to report usage statistics to the funders of FAIRshare. Tracking is also used to identify errors and subsequently improve user experience. To learn more about what is tracked and how we use Google Analytics within FAIRshare, please read our Privacy Policy.


A screenshot of the FAIRshare app on macOS. A screenshot of the FAIRshare app on macOS.

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