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Excel Parser Processor

Excel Parser Processor

A Cross-Platform Desktop App for processing all rows of excel files

Excel Parser Processor Excel Parser Processor

A Desktop app for processing all rows of Excel files

Simply generates an array of items from the rows of an Excel file and does the repetitive tedious operations step by step recursively till every item of the array is processed. For example downloads all the URL's in an Excel file.

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How to use

You can download the latest release for your operating system or build it yourself (see Development).

Just select or drag & drop an Excel file, then select the output folder for the downloaded images or files. All the items in the Excel file will be downloaded into the selected folder, and you will be notified about the state of ongoing progress.

Sample Excel file structure

1 optional-sample-file-name optional-sub-folder-name
2 optional-sample-file-name optional-sub-folder-name
. ...
. ...
n Asset URL ( can be any type of file jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, etc)

Currently there is no limit for n, I tested with 4000 items and unless your IP is banned from the publisher there is no problem to download as much as you can.


Excel Parser Processor Demo


You need to have Node.js installed on your computer in order to develop & build this app.

$ git clone
$ cd excel-parser-processor
$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ npm start

If you are changing the view or renderer related things, you can use Webpack's watch feature with

$ npm run start-renderer-dev

After running this command, you'll see a webpack process watching your files after a new renderer.bundle.js is generated you can refresh the Excel parser processor app window with cmd + R or ctrl + R depending on your system.

To generate binaries on your computer after your development is completed, you can run;

$ npm run dist

This will add binaries under /release folder on your project folder.

/release folder is ignored at the repository. Github Actions will be building the binaries after your branch is merged with master.


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