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Elite Journal

Elite Journal

Browse the Elite: Dangerous journal easily.

Elite Journal

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Parsing the Elite: Dangerous journal and putting it into a cool format.

What does it actually do then?

Basically it allows the average joe to have a look at the journal log for Elite: Dangerous in a nice easy to read format.

How to get it?

Download a setup .exe from the releases page, and then run it. It will automagically update when you run the application from now on!


$ npm install


$ npm start


$ npm run pack

Builds the app for Windows x64, using electron-builder.

Build - Distribution

$ npm run dist

Builds the app and distributable setup exe for Windows x64, using electron-builder.

Quick Development setup

curl -o- -L | bash


See for guidelines.


See for changes.


  • Filtering.
  • Saving as HTML.
  • Saving as JSON.
  • Looking at journal logs in a nice format.
  • Drag and drop logs to load them.
  • Built with web technologies and Node.JS.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for various actions.
  • Fairly fast.
  • Pretty CSS.
  • Easy on the CPU.
  • Easy on the RAM.
  • Easy on basically everything to do with resources.
  • Auto updating.
  • Plus more.


MIT © willyb321

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