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Programmable Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator.

EBTCalc for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX

EBTCalc (Desktop) is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator with custom buttons, programmed in Javascript, using a convenient editor. EBTCalc runs on Windows 10, OSX, and Linux. EBTCalc is open source.

EBTCalc is built on the Electron framework.


EBTCalc (Desktop)

© Copyright 2020, Eric Bergman-Terrell


EBTCalc Screenshot

EBTCalc Screenshot


Android Version

A version of EBTCalc for Android is also available.

Quick Start

To run EBTCalc:

On OSX: Make sure that Xcode is installed.

git clone
cd EBTCalc
npm install
npm start

Before running tests, update the path value in builtInOperationsTest.test.js:

before(async function () { = new Application({
        // Your electron path can be any binary. Specify a path value that points to where you installed EBTCalc.
        path: 'C:\\Users\\Eric Terrell\\Documents\\EBTCalc-win32-x64\\EBTCalc.exe',




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EBTCalc Main Window EBTCalc Main Window
EBTCalc Code Editor EBTCalc Code Editor
EBTCalc Graph (Function) EBTCalc Graph (Function)
EBTCalc Graph (Julia Set) EBTCalc Graph (Julia Set)

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