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Fast and easy development and deployment of JS apps.


An Open Source electron plugin ecosystem for JS developers that makes tools for the desktop on Windows, Mac and Linux easily deployable and manageable as plugins.

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  • Core app: Electron plugins platform. Run your custom JS plugin using systems API's provided by Deskfiler
  • Handles either file input or custom UI rendered in isolated electron environment(s).
  • Provides API's to work with file-system, raise system dialogs and access system resources to plugins.
  • Add and remove plugins easily
  • Extensive logging for business tasks: saves locally, what you have done and when
  • Login management: if needed, create free accounts, log in and out as required
  • Platform agnostic: Plugins work on all major desktop systems - the same!


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All documentation resides here


Deskfiler is published under the GPLv3. You will find the license within the code tree.

Add plugins for your daily tasks quickly Add plugins for your daily tasks quickly

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