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A fluid, dark themed native desktop UI for JIRA.



Ever feel JIRA's UI is hard to use? Every small action it reloads the whole page or open a brand new one. That list of subtask really doesn't let you do anything. Searching doesn't really work the way you expected and if you find the thing, you don't know how you did it.

Enter DarkJ! A fluid, dark themed native desktop UI for JIRA that helps you get by your daily JIRA workflow easier. With a custom built, Angular based UI, viewing issues has never been easier. A easy-to-use tab system manages all the issues you care about in one convenient place. Live update and pinning issues let you resume work faster and a custom built search page let you search almost everything.

Interested? How about heading over to the Releases page and try it out? Oh, and it's free to use by the way.

DarkJ's UI is based on the amazing Black Dashboard Theme by CreativeTim.

This app is a fan created work and is not an official product of JIRA or endorsed by Atlassian.


  • Angular based UI with fluid transitions and animations, no more waiting for the whole page to load.
  • Tab based issue viewing with pin and live update, all the issues you cared about are easily within reach.
  • Full-text based search feature that lets you search the entire JIRA, no need to fiddle with that complicated JIRA search function.
  • Custom created controls let you do your daily tasks within DarkJ, included custom controls are:
    • Assignee picker
    • Title editor
    • Priority changer
    • Status changer
    • Simple description editor
  • Minimizable create issue window.
  • Conveniently placed "Open in JIRA" buttons, so you can always go to your JIRA UI easily.
  • Support multiple accounts

Built On

Download & Installation

Head over to the Releases page and download the latest version to get started!


Download the latest setup.exe and follow the installation instruction.


You can download either the .zip or .dmg to use DarkJ.

If you downloaded the .zip:

  1. Extract the content of the .zip file.
  2. You can put the extracted file in your /Applications folder for it to show up in Launchpad.

If you downloaded the .dmg:

  1. Open the .dmg file.
  2. After clicking "Agree", drag the DarkJ icon into the Applications folder icon on screen.
  3. DarkJ should now be available in Launchpad.
  4. If there's a separate DarkJ icon appears on your Desktop, you can remove that by draggin it to the Trashcan.

How much does this app cost?

0, 🆓! It's free to use! If you like the app, maybe consider Buy me a teaBuy me a tea, a gazillion ton of black tea went into DarkJ 😉


  • It doesn't start on MacOS.

    Before 0.1.1, DarkJ is not signed and this has been corrected in release 0.1.1. After 0.1.1, you should be able to click "Open" in the warning dialog that shows up when you first start DarkJ.

  • On MacOS, it asks me for permission to use Keychain Access.

    DarkJ uses Keychain to store you JIRA token so it will need access to your Keychain to function properly. To prevent future warning, click "Always Allow".

  • Is my JIRA data safe?

    DarkJ stores your JIRA API token with your computer's built-in credential manager, on Windows, it's Credential Manager; on MacOS, it's Keychain Access.

    Your API token and JIRA login information is only used for authentication purposes and DarkJ will only send your JIRA data and JIRA account information to your organization's JIRA service and not anywhere else.

    To improve your account safety, use a dedicated API token for DarkJ.

  • Is there any keyboard shortcuts?

    Yep, common useful shortcuts are:

     Ctrl + f = Open Search Page
     Ctrl + n = Open Create Issue Window
     ESC = Exit current window

    There are other shortcuts available and they are listed in the menus. For MacOS, replace Ctrl with Command.

  • I am getting some timeout warning.

    Try clicking the "Refresh" button on the top-right corner or press "F5" to reload the app.

  • I can't transition, create issue or perform some actions.

    Although we try to create controls for most JIRA applications, there might be fields that DarkJ doesn't support and is required to fill in during issue creation or transition.

    In these cases, click the "Open External" button (looks like a square with arrow pointing out) in the related screen and you can perform the actions with JIRA's native UI.


For any issues or feature suggestions, feel free to post in the Issues.

Dark themed JIRA UI Dark themed JIRA UI
Collapsed side bar for more viewing space for big issues Collapsed side bar for more viewing space for big issues
Simple issue creation window Simple issue creation window
Text based search page Text based search page
Quick filter issue list Quick filter issue list

Something missing? Edit this app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab