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App that lets you track your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches and stats.


CI for csgo-tracker

csgo-tracker is a simple Electron app that lets you track your CS:GO matches and stats using Valve's game state integration.


  • Keep track of your CS:GO stats and matches.
  • Get real time updates about your performance in the current match.
  • No ads, no account needed, everything is stored locally.





You can download the latest stable release for your OS here. Also, you can download the latest build from the Actions tab (you have to be logged into your GitHub account).

The downloaded .zip folder will contain a .cfg file and an executable file. Before installing or running the app you need to place the .cfg file into the csgo/cfg directory inside the CS:GO installation folder. If your game was running when you placed the file, make sure to restart it to apply the configuration changes.

To install the Windows version, you have to run the installer file. The Linux version is an AppImage so you can just run the executable to start the app.


To track a match, you have to run csgo-tracker before starting the match. If you close the app before the match ends, the match stats will be incomplete.

To access your match history, go to the Matches tab. A list of matches will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Then you can click on any item of the list to see your performance in each match. You can also see your performance in any round by clicking on the chart at the bottom of the screen.

Repository Structure

The app has two main components:

  • A REST API (restapi folder) built using Node.js and Express. It receives, processes and stores the game info into an SQLite database. It also exposes endpoints to get the matches, rounds and stats stored in the database.
  • A web app (webapp folder) built with Vue.js. It fetches info from the REST API and displays it to the user.

These two components are bundled together into an Electron app (electronapp folder) in order to easily distribute them.


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