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Encrypt and decrypt your messages

It's for encrypting and decrypting your messages

CryptoBot uses CryptoJS on most of the encrytion methods. You can use this application to view these encrytion and decryption process without headache.

For fun :)


view this app from browser

yarn install
yarn start

view this app (electron)

yarn build // you need to modify the /build/index.html for the right <script src="">
electron .

package for darwin

electron-packager . --electron-version=1.8.4  --platform=darwin --icon=./logo.icns --arch=x64 --ignore=node_modules/ --appname=CryptoBot --overwrite

package for win32

electron-packager . --electron-version=1.8.4  --platform=win32 --arch=x64 --ignore=node_modules/ --appname=CryptoBot --overwrite

package for linux

electron-packager . --electron-version=1.8.4  --platform=linux --arch=x64 --ignore=node_modules/ --appname=CryptoBot --overwrite

there may be some issues with the performance on win

Thanks for the new icon by Arslanshn


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