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Personal finance management application.

Cromberg - personal finance accounting system


Accounting of income

  • Inserting income data with next fields: date, month, sum, type, contact, description
    • Different between date and month: date - exact date of receive money; month - month, for which money you received
  • Income chart by months
  • Calculating sum and average income by months, the best, worst and average month


  • Inserting balance data with different sources (example: cash, account in A bank, electronic money)
  • Balance chart by months
  • Costs chart by months (based on balance and income data)


  • App's database by default storing in %APPDATA%/Roaming/Cromberg/db/database for Windows and similarly for others OS. You can change it in settings.
  • Creating backup of database on every launch app, but not more ofter once a day. Backup folder you can set in settings.
  • Email reminder every last day of month to fill balance data. Subscription and unsubscribing of notification by setting in app.
  • Multi-language support: English, Russian and French


  • Its need internet connection for correct work
  • Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux

Technology stack


Income chart Balance chart


You are welcome for contributing.

How to run app from sources

First of all, do npm install from app folder.

In folder app/db there is database-dev-example file with some prepared data for application. Copy it and rename to app/database-dev.

There are two commands to run app from sources:

  • npm run dev - to launch app with using database in app/database-dev file
  • npm start - standard way to launch app

And for Windows:

  • npm run dev-win - to launch app with using database in app/database-dev file
  • npm run start-win - standard way to launch app

How to build app

npm run react-build
npm run dist

How to make pull request

Create pull request only to dev branch. Your commits will merge in master with next release.



Income chart Income chart
Balance chart Balance chart

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