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Covid-19 cases overview

Covid-19 cases overview

This Web application allow the user to check daily cases and much more information about covid-19.

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Covid-19 cases overview WebApp

This project is a Web application that allow the user to check daily cases and much more information about covid-19. (Example: daily cases, daily death, daily recovery, total cases, total death, total recovery, active cases and numbers of tests). This Web application has been made with React*, Nodejs and Electronjs for desktop version (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Mobile version (iOS, Android) can use PWA by adding the website to home screen and use it just like a native app.

WebApp URL & QR code:

Or scan the QR code:

Note: Desktop app in the releases.

Note: Please add to home screen if you are on mobile to use it as a native app.

🪲 BugTracker 🪲 & 💡 suggestions 💡

This is where you can report bug that need to be fixed in the WebApp and also request new feature.


Twitter: paul_le_gall 🐤

All covid-19 data come from disease-sh

Github link:


(*This project has been generated with "create-react-app")

Copyright © 2020 Paul Le Gall

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