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Compact Log Viewer

Compact Log Viewer

Cross-platform tool to read & query JSON aka CLEF log files created by Serilog.

Compact Log Format Viewer 🔍 📈

A cross platform tool to read & query JSON aka CLEF log files created by Serilog



Releases are available on this GitHub Repository along on the Windows Store


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You will need the following installed:

  • node/npm
  • .NET Core SDK 2.2+

For OSX & Windows you can download the SDK here or install Visual Studio for Mac/Windows which includes the dotnet CLI tool

Build Steps 🔨📐

  • Clone Repo
  • Open terminal in root of project
  • dotnet publish --runtime osx-x64 --output bin/dist/osx --configuration release -p:PublishSingleFile=true generates a self contained application for our WebAPI
  • dotnet publish --runtime win-x64 --output bin/dist/win --configuration release -p:PublishSingleFile=true same but creates the Windows version
  • Change terminal directory to LogViewer.Client folder
  • npm install
  • tsc --watch This will compile the TypeScript files & continue to watch them
  • Open a new terminal in LogViewer.Client
  • npm run start Will run the Electron app for development with Chrome DevTools open/launched

Note: If you npm run start before you have compiled the TypeScript files then Electron will complain about not finding the entry point file. Additionally if you have also not run dotnet publish then the underlying WebAPI which we communicate with will not be running.

3rd Party Libraries 💖💖

This package uses the following libraries:

  • Serilog.Formatting.Compact.Reader
  • Serilog.Filters.Expressions
  • Serilog.Sinks.File

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