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A flexible text editor

Colon IDE

What is Colon IDE ?

Colon is a flexible text editor and lightweight hybrid IDE, built on Electron, and based on everything we love about our favorite editors. We are trying to designe it to be fully customizable and easy to use.

New Features! 🌟

  • Full Featured Editor
  • Syntax Highlighting Over 100+ Languages
  • Autocompletion
  • Code Folding
  • Bracket and Tag Matching
  • 7+ Themes
  • Autocompletion
  • Tab Management
  • Auto Save
  • Templates For Specific File Extension
  • Project Management
  • Console (for variour programming languages over 10+)
  • Real Time Preview for Markup Languages (HTML, MD)
  • Discord-rpc Support
  • Real Time Code Sharing
  • Easy UI

What Colon IDE Does ? 🌟

Colon IDE provide you facility to execute over 10+ programming languages code simultaneously, You don't need to change compilers for different file. Colon automatically detects compiler for your file.

Libraries 🌟

Colon uses a number of API's and libraries to work properly:

  • [NodeJs] - evented I/O for the backend
  • [codemirror] - full featured text editor
  • [localtunnel] - library to tunnel localhost
  • [] - for bidirectional communication
  • [discord-rpc] - for discord-rpc support

Installation 🌟

Installers are available on website here. Electron requires Node.js to run.

$ cd colon-ide
$ npm install
$ electron . or npm start




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Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
Select the next search result
Select the previous search result
Enter Open the selected search result
cmdEnter Ctrl+Enter Open the selected search result in a new tab