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A modern 3D model editor for cube-based models


Blockbench is a free, modern model editor for low-poly and boxy models with pixel art textures. Models can be exported into standardized formats, to be shared, rendered, 3D-printed, or used in game engines. There are also multiple dedicated formats for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition with format-specific features.

Blockbench features a modern and intuitive UI, plugin support and innovative features. It is the industry standard for creating custom 3D models for the Minecraft Marketplace.

Website and download:



Contributor Covenant

If you are contributing to Blockbench in any way, you must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

  • To submit a suggestion or report a bug, please open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute to the Blockbench code, please contact me on Discord before.
  • If you want to contribute Blockbench translations, you can visit Thank you!

Launching Blockbench

To launch Blockbench from source, you can clone the repository, navigate to the correct branch and launch the program in development mode using the instructions below. If you just want to use the latest version, please download the app from the website.

  • Install NodeJS.
  • Then install all dependencies via npm install
  • Finally, launch Blockbench using npm run dev


Blockbench supports Javascript-based plugins. Learn more about creating plugins on


  • The Blockbench source-code is licensed under the GPL license version 3. See LICENSE.MD.
  • Modifications to the source code can be made under the terms of that license.
  • Blockbench plugins (external scripts) and themes (theme files to customize the design) that interact with the Blockbench API are an exception. Plugins and themes can be created and/or published as open source, proprietary or paid software.
  • All assets created with Blockbench (models, textures, animations, screenshots etc.) are your own!

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