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Backup on AWS S3

Backup on AWS S3

This app allows you to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 as backup system for desktop environments.

AWS S3 Backup
Backup on AWS S3 ? Never been so easy!

PR MIT Tested on Win 10


This app allows you to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3 as backup system for desktop environments. Like Dropbox or Google Drive app you can backup your important data on AWS S3. This desktop app allows you to configure 3 different types of backup job (One time, recurring, live) to backup your data in an S3 bucket.

  • One time: the backup job will be executed only one time as programmed.
  • Recurring: the backup job will be executed periodically as programmed.
  • Live: any time a file associated with the backup job changes it will be transferred to the S3 bucket.

This is a cross platform app, built with Electron, so you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux.


This app use the AWS CLI "sync" command, this mean that you must install the AWS CLI in order to use this app.

You can find the AWS CLI installer here: Download AWS CLI

APP Settings

After installation go to settings page and configure the AWS credentials.

In order to use the app you must set an "AWS access key ID", an "AWS secret access key" and an "AWS Region" that you can create through the IAM service in the AWS console. The IAM user needs a programmatic access account with a correct read/write S3 policy attached (e.g AmazonS3FullAccess) and CloudWatch Metrics (e.g CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess). You can use any IAM S3 policy that grant access to the buckets that you want to use with the app. Here an example policy: IAM S3 example policy


A complete and detailed documentation can be found here:

Windows executable (portable and installer)

Download here


Check changelog

Getting Started

Clone this repository locally :

git clone

Install dependencies with npm :

npm install

To build for development

  • in a terminal window -> npm start

This start a local development environment with hot reload

You can activate/deactivate "Developer Tools" by commenting or not win.webContents.openDevTools(); in main.ts.

To build for production

  • in a windows terminal window -> npm electron:windows
  • in a mac terminal window -> npm electron:mac
  • in a linux terminal window -> npm electron:linux

You will find the app build files in the "app-builds" directory.

Don't forget to deactivate the "Developer Tools" by commenting win.webContents.openDevTools(); in main.ts.

Included Commands

Command Description
npm run ng:serve:web Execute the app in the browser
npm run build Build the app. Your built files are in the /dist folder.
npm run build:prod Build the app with Angular aot. Your built files are in the /dist folder.
npm run electron:local Builds your application and start electron
npm run electron:linux Builds your application and creates an app consumable on linux system
npm run electron:windows On a Windows OS, builds your application and creates an app consumable in windows 32/64 bit systems
npm run electron:mac On a MAC OS, builds your application and generates a .app file of your application that can be run on Mac
AWS S3 Backup preview AWS S3 Backup preview

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Esc Focus the search bar and cleans it
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Enter Open the selected search result
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