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Cross platform simple two-factor authentication app for desktop.


  • Simple cross-platform two-factor (2FA) authenticator app for desktop.

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  • 🔒 Secure by design: Your codes is secured by AES 256bit encryption with your own password.
  • 🔑 Import codes: Import form any 2FA TOTP QR code or import directly from Google Authenticator.
  • ⌨️ Many shortcuts: Easily open Authme with custom shortcuts and the app will start with your system for quick and easy access.
  • 📡 Completely offline: You own your data, internet is only required for updates.
  • 💻 Privacy in mind: Authme is hidden from video capture and screenshots.
  • 📃 Easy export and backup: You can export your 2FA codes anytime and you can create a backup of your codes very easily.

Compatible 2FA codes

  • TOTP 2FA QR code: A TOTP QR code is that you find mostly everywhere, if you want to setup 2FA. Example: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.
  • Google Authenticator QR code: A Google Authenticator QR code is what you can export, and contains all of your already imported codes. Example: Google Authenticator.


Latest Release

  • Latest release version for users that want a stable and polished experience.

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Latest Alpha

  • Latest alpha version for users that want to try out new features early.

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Contributing and development


  • This software is licensed under: GPL-3.0
  • If you are planning to use this software as a business please contact me at:

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