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Cross platform simple two-factor authentication app for desktop.


  • Simple cross platform two-factor authentication app for desktop.

How to use

  • Simple quick start guide.

Getting started

  • Currently you can import codes to Authme two ways:
  1. From Google Authenticator: (Example: Import all of your saved QR codes from your Google Authenticator app.)
  2. From stand alone QR codes: (Example: You screenshot all the QR codes from your favourite websites, and import all of them to Authme.)
  • If you just want to test the app download this sample import file, unzip it, and import it to Authme: Download

How to import

  • For detailed instructions check out the: Docs
  1. For non technical people: Instructions in the app.
  2. For technical people: Check out this: README
  • If you are importing from Google Authenticator you have to install: Python

Authme Web Beta

  • Authme is now available as a web app in beta version. It's a PWA app to, so you can install it on your phone!
  • Try it out and give feedback: Authme Web

Release cycle

  • Standard updates: Coming on Tuesdays if everything is going well.
  • Hotfix updates: On Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays if there is a problem that can not wait until the next Tuesday.

Contributing and development


  • This software is licensed under: GPL-3.0

  • If you are planning to use this software as a business please contact me at:


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