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Android Messages

Android Messages

Cross Platform Native SMS App for macOS, Linux, and Windows 🤓

Android Messages

A clean and native interface to Supports dark and light mode on macOS Mojave. This project is 100% open-source and available for macOS. Enjoy!

Android Messages

Android Messages

Build Instructions

To build a new version of the application, first download nativefier using the following command:

yarn global add nativefier


npm install nativefier -g

Next, download the required CSS and image assets from one of the releases here located here. For example, you will need the electron.css and logo.png files.

Last, you'll need to run the nativefier command to build your package.

nativefier --name "Android Messages" --platform "osx" --bounce --counter  --honest --hide-window-frame --disable-dev-tools --title-bar-style "hidden" --icon logo.png --inject electron.css ""

Note: Nativefier allows for osx, mas, linux, and windows platform types. You can specify this with the --platform flag.


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Keyboard Shortcuts

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