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Desktop client for WhatsApp with themes and multiple account support


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Altus is an Electron-based WhatsApp client with themes and multiple account support, available for Windows, Mac and Linux!


Altus uses the GitHub-produced Electron framework to wrap around WhatsApp Web and add extra features to it.

  • Multiple Account Support: As of v2.0, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously!
  • Native notification support for all of the platforms. Clicking the notification opens that specific chat!
  • Online Indicator: Shows an indicator at the bottom-left corner of the chats that are online!
  • Dark mode for when you need to chill out your eyes in the night (or even in the day)
  • Custom Theme Support: Write your own CSS theme for WhatsApp or use the in-built Theme Customizer to create a new one just by picking colors!
  • Available for most desktop platforms including Windows (7 or above), Linux and MacOS.
  • Tray icon so you can minimize the app completely and still receive notifications.

Feature Requests

In order to submit a feature request, create a new issue with the label enhancement.

Please make sure that you provide a helpful description of your feature request. If possible, try implementing the feature yourself by forking this repository and then creating a pull request.


First Start

Altus First Start

Default Theme

Altus Default Theme

"Dark Plus" Theme

Altus Dark Theme


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Below is the list of the dependencies that helped me greatly to create this app.

Dark-Whatsapp (vednoc/dark-whatsapp) - used as the base for the dark theme. A really cool project, you should definitely check it out!

Inter rsms/inter - The font used in Altus.

electron-store (sindresorhus/electron-store) - used to store information of settings, tabs and themes


Below is the list of contributors who have contributed to Altus by creating a feature or helping fix an issue.

Melvin-Abraham - Helped fix issues #55, #53

Dylan McDougall - PR #10 (Added feature - Confirmation Dialog on close)

Dafnik - PR #5 (Helped fix issue #4)

Marcelo Zapatta - PR #77 (Fixed #23 by adding tray icon support on Linux)

Maicol Battistini - PR #153 (Added Italian translation)

Nicolás González Meneses - PR #163 (Added Spanish translation)

Hugo Rocha de Moura - PR #185 (Added Portuguese(pt) translation)

First Start First Start
Default Theme Default Theme
Dark Theme Dark Theme

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